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The Benefits of Digital Radiography

If you get regular dental checkups, you know that X-rays are an important part of keeping your oral health on track. Images of your teeth help your dentist identify potential problems before they happen and diagnose, treat, and monitor issues.

At Santa Monica Bay Dental in Santa Monica, California, our experts use digital radiography to create images of your teeth from several angles. Digital radiography is different from traditional X-ray imaging in a few crucial aspects, and we use it during your dental exams to keep your mouth healthy.

The Difference

Traditional X-rays are developed on film, while digital X-rays, which are sometimes called digital radiographs, are converted to a digital file. Digital radiographs can be produced several ways, and there are some big advantages. Here are a few of them.

Lower Dose of Radiation

Although having traditional X-rays taken is a safe process, less radiation is always better. Digital radiographs require less exposure to radiation. The amount is very small, yet we still think that it’s important for you to be exposed to the least possible amount of radiation.


There’s no waiting for a digital radiograph. Since the film doesn’t need to be developed, which is a time-consuming process, we can see your X-rays on the day they are taken and give you immediate feedback.

This immediacy means that if we detect a problem that needs to be addressed quickly, we can either handle it during your appointment that day or schedule another appointment quickly. You don’t need to schedule a second visit to go over your X-rays, either.

Easy to share

Digital X-rays can be viewed on a computer screen so that you can see them. They can also easily be sent digitally, so if you need a referral to a doctor or an oral surgeon, or we want another expert in our practice to see them, it’s simple to share them.

Images can be manipulated

When we look at a digital image, we can zoom in, flip the image, increase the contrast, and otherwise manipulate it to better understand what we are looking at. When we can clearly see what’s going on in your mouth, we can provide you with a clear diagnosis and high-quality advice and guidance.

More to see

A digital radiograph reveals areas between teeth, beneath fillings, and in your bones, and problems with your gums far better than a visual examination can. We always provide you with a thorough visual exam, and we discuss your symptoms or any issues you’re having. Digital radiography gives us one more tool to keep you healthy.

Good oral health is part of a healthy life

Even if coming to our office isn’t your favorite thing, making and keeping appointments for regular checkups is important. Good oral health is part of good overall health, and we do all we can to make each visit as productive and helpful as possible. digital radiography is one way that we do that.

Is it time for your regular dental checkup? Call or book an appointment online with Santa Monica Bay Dental today!