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Brighten Your Smile With Our Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Treatment

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard someone say that there is no beauty without pain. In a modern context this often applies to cosmetic treatments like Botox or a facelift; patients endure the pain of the treatment for the beautiful results.

Or maybe you’ve heard you have to go without the things you enjoy to get the look you want.  For example, to get bright white teeth, you need to sacrifice coffee, tomato sauce, and other staining foods and drinks. But is that really true?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose between staining foods and white teeth with Zoom!® from Philips, a state-of-the-art whitening system. Zoom! helps restore the luster of teeth that are dull, discolored, or yellowed. Whether your teeth have lost their shine from stains, damage, or aging, Zoom! can help bring them back to brightness.

Are you ready to reinvigorate your smile? Come see the team and doctors at Santa Monica Bay Dental. We have five expert dentists in our office to help you with all of your dental needs. From teeth whitening and cleaning to full mouth reconstruction, we’ll make sure your teeth gets the expert care it deserves. We focus on the details to make sure your oral health stays in tip-top shape and you have a smile you can flash with confidence.

Why teeth lose their shine

Teeth begin to lose their white color from three main factors: aging, damage, and stains. No matter how good your oral health routine is, age eventually begins to show in your teeth. Overtime, chewing and brushing begin to break down the white enamel you associate with  bright teeth. This exposes the second layer of the tooth, dentin, which naturally has a yellow/grey tinge.

As mentioned above, some of your favorite foods and drinks may stain your teeth. Colorful acidic foods, like tomato sauce, curry, and berries, can stain your teeth if you eat them often. Dark liquids, including tea, coffee, and colas, also have a staining effect. Certain medications, like tetracycline, may make your teeth appear brown. All tobacco products are staining.

Damaged teeth can also be discolored. Diseases that impact enamel or dentin can cause teeth to become grey. Radiation and chemotherapy may also have a dimming effect. Trauma that damages the pulp of the tooth can make your teeth lose their shine as well.

The advantages of an in-office whitening

During an in-office whitening, your dentist can use strong whitening formulas that lighten your teeth by up to eight shades. They can use higher doses of peroxide and other chemicals than what’s available over-the-counter. A hygienist can also clean your teeth beforehand for more even results.

While in-office Zoom! treatments take about 45 minutes, the results from just one appointment can last for years, especially if you take advantage of the at-home touch-up kit. Not only are the results dramatically better than any over-the-counter product, but you can enjoy them after just one office visit.

At-home Zoom! Kit

If you don’t have the time for an in-office visit, we’ll work with you to create a custom-designed take-home kit. These kits can lighten your teeth by up to four shades. They work more quickly than over-the-counter products with better results to boot. And because Zoom! kits are custom-made, they’re less likely to cause tooth and gum sensitivity.

If it’s time to brighten up your smile, come see us at Santa Monica Bay Dental. Schedule online today with our Santa Monica office today.